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County Area Charlottesville

High School Charlottesville High School

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Fifeville welcome sign on Cherry Aveune

Fifeville is a city-designated neighborhood in southwest Charlottesville. Many of its residents have called for a small-area plan to be conducted to guide future development. [1]

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Nearly triangular in shape, the northeastern corner is the intersection of the C&O east-west railroad tracks and Ridge Street. From this point, the southeastern border is Ridge and 5th Street Extended until it meets Rock Creek at the neighborhood's southernmost point. Rock Creek is the southwestern boundary, back to the northwestern corner at the C&O tracks, which form the northern boundary. There is a Fifeville Neighborhood Association.



The neighborhood contains Tonsler Park, Forest Hills Park, and Fifeville Park.


Fifeville is home to Buford Middle School as well as the Smith Aquatic & Fitness Center and the Boys and Girls Club.


Cherry Avenue is the main corridor, running approximately east-west. Prospect Avenue also carries traffic at peak hour.

The railroad tracks to the north create a significant barrier to pedestrians between the neighborhood and UVa just across these tracks. [2].

Parts of the neighborhood are part of the Fifeville-Castle Hill Historic District.

Development and redevelopment

Planning studies

A Cherry Avenue redevelopment plan was passed in 2005, and the Grove Square development was the first site plan approved to take advantage of the rezoning. [4]

The city was the Priority Neighborhood in the city's Community Development Block Grant and funds were spent on a partial streetscape. [5]

In the summer of 2016, the Charlottesville Planning Commission toured many areas for a potential small area plan. They visited Cherry Avenue on June 28, 2016. [6]

A Cherry Avenue Small Area Plan has been developed by the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission.


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