Emmet Street Streetscape

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Emmet Street Streetscape


Project Overview

The project will provide multi-modal options along the Emmet Street corridor in Charlottesville and includes bike lanes, sidewalks, multi-use trail, extends the raised median, landscaping, and crosswalks.
Cost $12.1 million
Location Charlottesville
Sponsor Charlottesville
Next meeting December 3, 2019 design public hearing

Status Update

Working through HB2 process for FY2017

Website http://www.emmetstreetscape.com/
Contact Alexander Ikefuna, NDS Director

The Emmet Street Streetscape is a project funded through VDOT's Smart Scale process to make multimodal improvements on Emmet Street north of the University of Virginia. The project scored a 2.2 in what was then known as the HB2 process in the winter of 2016. It was ranked 7 out of 17 projects submitted in VDOT's Culpeper District. [1]

The city hired the firm Clark Nexsen to design the project. [2]

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  • The Emmet Street Corridor Streetscape project is budgeted at $12.11 million, but a VDOT dashboard states that estimate is not current. A VDOT dashboard states that construction bids are expected by November 2021 with construction starting in February 2022. [3]


City Council agreed to apply for the project in September 2015. [4]

The Commonwealth Transportation Board approved the project in June 2016. [5]

The University of Virginia has expressed interest in working with the city to ensure their work on the Ivy Road corridor fits in with whatever the city comes up with. [6] Alexander Ikefuna told the PACC-Tech Committee on October 20, 2016 that there is no schedule at this time. [citation needed]

Council voted to authorize funding for the projects after a public hearing in January 2017. [7]

Project description from application

"The Emmet Street corridor, north of the University Avenue/Ivy Road intersection, is one of the highest traffic volume corridors in the city. It serves as a gateway to the University of Virginia and provides a critical link between the University and commercial shopping areas north of the city. The student population and the corridor's direct proximity to the UVA grounds present a tremendous opportunity for modal shift with improved bicycle and pedestrian accommodations. The project area extends from the intersection of University/Ivy Road to Arlington Boulevard and includes a shared use path, improved bike lanes, consolidated bus stops/optimized bus shelters, landscaping, and improved pedestrian crossings at the intersections within the study area. The project implements recommendations from the Comprehensive Plan, Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan, MPO Long Range Transportation Plan, and supports the University’s long term development plans."



Coordinates:Erioll world.svg.png 38°03′10″N 78°29′56″W / 38.052814°N 78.499004°W / 38.052814; -78.499004


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