Dorothy Murray Allen

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Dorothy and her husband, Kenneth, behind the counter of their grocery store

Dorothy Murray Allen (May 7, 1924 - December 7, 1986) was a longtime Charlottesville resident, and owner of Allen's Grocery with her husband, Kenneth Walker Allen.

Dorothy was born to Earnest and Lillian Murray in 1924. She was briefly married to Willie Jefferson, with whom she had two daughters, Dorothy Cecilia and Rosa Mae.[1]

By 1944, Dorothy had remarried, this time to Kenneth Walker Allen. The two opened Allen's Grocery together over Easter weekend of that year. The store was located at the corner of Garrett and Sixth St. SE.[2] Allen's Grocery was a staple of the Garrett St. area, as it provided vegetables, meats, and other household items.

During the city's "urban renewal" plans of the 1970s, the Allens were forced to relocate, this time to Rose Hill, where they ran a store from what is now the Mariebette Café and Bakery on Rose Hill Dr.

Following her death in 1986, Dorothy was buried in the Daughters of Zion Cemetery.[1]

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