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New MP3 media player


Sandbox for wiki experimentation and practice

Testing email citation template[1][2]

captcha test

DRAFT Documentation for new boilerplate extension

Trying to add all the geographic coordinate templates and get them displayed in the top right corner when asked...

Modifying Monobook.css and Vector.css control coordinate location. The fundraising graphic is probably messing these up right now for MONOBOOK SKIN, but we are making progress.

Coordinates:Erioll world.svg.png 37°58′44″N 78°29′20″W / 37.979°N 78.489°W / 37.979; -78.489

Ambox notice.png This is the sandbox where anything can happen



  1. E-mail. John Smith, Smith Corporation. "Test email." Message to Sean Tubbs, Charlottesville Tomorrow. 29 Jan. 2011.
  2. E-mail. John Smith. "Test email2." Message to Sean Tubbs. 29 Jan. 2011.

Twitter Search Test