Crozet Station

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Crozet Station

County Area Crozet
Location Route 240 East
Type NMD - Mixed Use
Lot Size Phase 1 - 3.274 acres
Residential units Phase 1 - Up to 32 units
Non-Residential Phase 1 - Up to 20,000 sq.ft.
Development Firm Atwood Associates
Developer Contact William Atwood
Date Approved June 11, 2008
Application # ZMA200800002

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Crozet Station is a major mixed-use development in Albemarle County's Crozet designated growth area. It is located on Route 240, west of Charlottesville in between Crozet Great Valu and Dairy Queen. It is being developer by Atwood Architects.


Project history

Development status

The project contains three phases. The first phase has been approved by Albemarle County and includes remodeling and construction of 20,000 square feet of retail space and 32 residential units[1].


  1. Financial hurdles fail to stop Crozet development plan. Brandon Shulleeta, Daily Progress, 26 October 2009.