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The Office of Economic Development (OED) is a division of the City Manager's Office serving as a liaison between the City and citizens by coordinating media, public and community relations. The office also serves as the main vehicle for internal employee communications between the City Manager and City staff, including the production of the City’s internal newsletter, The P3 Edge.

The Charlottesville Department of Economic Development's mission is "to serve as a catalyst for public and private initiatives that promote the long-term economic vitality of Charlottesville[1]." The goal is to expand the city's tax base and to provide more jobs for area citizens. The office coordinates and administers the functions of the Charlottesville Economic Development Authority, which issues revenue bonds and assists with front end capital for projects[2].

Communications staff members

Information current as of April 22, 2019[2]

Job Description: Business expansion and relocation, information related to the Charlottesville Economic Development Authority.
  • Hollie Lee, Chief of Workforce Development Strategies
Job Description: Small and minority business creation and development, workforce development, community recruitment events and employer workforce training programs.
Job Description: Assistance with business start-up in Charlottesville, business visitation, or demographic information.
Job Description: Billing, purchasing, and general departmental information.

Former staff members or positions

  • Chris Engel, Assistant Director of Economic Development (prior to February 1, 2012)

Technology zone

In 2001, City Council adopted an ordinance which established a technology zone which allows qualified businesses to have reduced Business Professional and Occupational License (BPOL) taxes. Since then, over 900 firms have applied for and received the credit. While promoted by the economic development office, the program is administered by the Commissioner of Revenue's office. [4]

Made in Charlottesville

In 2017, the department launched a campaign to publicize city businesses called Made in Charlottesville. [5]

Growing Opportunities

The Growing Opportunities (GO) Program is intended to help people find a pathway to self-sufficiency in Charlottesville.

In November 2015, the Planning and Coordination Council was briefed by Charlottesville Economic Development director Chris Engel on the status of the program Report

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