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Buford Middle School opened in August 1966 as one of the City of Charlottesville Public Schools' two Junior High Schools. In 1988, it became the City's only middle school offering classes in the 7th and 8th grade. The school is named after Florence Buford, who taught in the City's school system for many years. The Buford Middle School motto is "Ready for Greatness."[1] By 2015, it will become Charlottesville's only middle school serving grades 6-8.


Buford Middle School is located at 1000 Cherry Avenue Charlottesville, VA 22903.

Grade reconfiguration

Since 1988, the City of Charlottesville's school system has maintained two separate schools for grades 5-6 and 7-8 for the students between elementary and high school. In response to an efficiency study, the Charlottesville School Board decided in October 2010 to create a single middle school housing grades 6-8 at either the Walker Upper Elementary School or Buford Middle School complex. Grade 5 would return to existing elementary schools.[reconfig 1]

In October 2010, school officials said the grade reconfiguration changes would occur after the 2011-12 school year and that the major renovation projects were expected to cost around $36 million.[reconfig 2]

In February 2011, the Charlottesville School Board decided to create a consolidated middle school at Buford Middle School by 2015. Walker will be refurbished for preschool, adult education, and central office staffing needs.[reconfig 3]


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Grade reconfiguration

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