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2009 Election

Bob Fenwick is an independent candidate for the Charlottesville City Council during the 2009 Election. Fenwick, a member of the McIntire Park Preservation Committee, launched his campaign announcement on the steps of his downtown-area home on May 15, 2009[1]. He said his candidacy would be a referendum on the Meadowcreek Parkway.

Policy positions

Fenwick is opposed to the building of the YMCA on the western end of the park, the temporary displacement of the Dogwood Festival, as well as the potential removal of a public wading pool that could be displaced by the Parkway’s interchange with the Route 250 bypass. Fenwick also said he was a supporter of adding dredging into the community water supply plan.

Another important issue Fenwick said he would promote is economic development. He told the media at his campaign launch that he will announce specific steps he would like to see the City take in order to create jobs.

At a press conference at his home on July 2, 2009 he shared his three-part platform for promoting local job growth. Fenwick recommends:

  1. encouraging people to buy homes,
  2. hiring people to operate and repair City infrastructure,
  3. and providing tax relief for new businesses.[2].


Fenwick has outlined many of his positions on a number of websites that are listed below: