Albemarle County Office Building

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The Albemarle County Office Building is in the former Lane High School building at 401 McIntire Road in the City of Charlottesville. [1]

It contains Lane Auditorium, home to many public meetings.

The "County Office Building" is not to be confused with the annex building on 5th Street Extended, known as "COB South."


Albemarle County purchased the building from the city for $800,000 in 1978. There was a $1.5 million estimate to renovate it for use by the county. However, bids came in three times higher than expected. [2]

The Board of Supervisor room updated in the mid 2000's [3]

Design of a long-planned replacement of the windows is expected to proceed in 2019 with bidding in 2020. [4]


In 2016, the Board of Supervisors is considering several options to meet its expanding needs for space. One involves moving the county's General District Court to the former Lane High School and moving administrative functions to a new county office building withing Albemarle's borders. [5] It is unclear where this effort stands as of September 2018.


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