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The Albemarle County Department of Parks and Recreation operates nine parks with over 2,000 acres. The department also offers several recreational activities and youth and adult sports programs. Albemarle spends $22 a person on parks and recreation, the second lowest in the state[1]. The county has 3,300 acres of parkland.

Albemarle’s per capita parks and recreation spending is the second lowest among comparable Virginia localities, with the county spending less than $22 per resident per year, according to figures presented by county officials in October. At the same time, Albemarle has more park acres than all of its peer localities, 3,300; James City County is second, with 1,500 acres.

Pat Mullaney stepped down earlier this year as director. The Board of Supervisors has named Bob Crickenberger to replace him[1].


Byrom Park and Preddy Creek Park will be open to the public from July 2009[2].


The parks system has over 50 miles in walking trails, having added around 15 miles in the past five years[3]. Different groups help patrol different parks. The Charlottesville Area Mountain Club helps take care of trails at Walnut Creek Park and is helping create trails at the new Preddy Creek Park. Members of the Crozet Trails Crew builds and maintains pathways at Beaver Creek Lake.

Increasingly the department is relying on volunteers to help build and maintain trails. In the past five years, more than 15 miles have been added

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Albemarle County Department of Parks and Recreation website


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