750 Hinton Avenue

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Hinton Avenue Methodist Church

750 Hinton Avenue
Location Hinton Avenue
Type R-1S (low-density residential, small lot)
Lot Size 0.7580
Non-Residential State Code: Exempt Religious

750 Hinton Avenue is the address of the Hinton Avenue United Methodist Church (also called the Hinton Avenue UMC). The first church building at this site was constructed in 1909, renovated in 1948 and again in 1958 to its present configuration. Originally part of the Belle Mont Estate property, the a 0.76-acre site is on the northwest corner of Hinton Avenue and Church Street - one block north of the Belmont Neighborhood commercial area. Contiguous to the Belmont Manson property at 759 Belmont Avenue, 750 Hinton Avenue is within the North Belmont Neighborhood Historic District boundaries.

Base information

Location Map, 750 Hinton Avenue
Zoning Map, 750 Hinton Avenue outlined
Zoning Map, 750 Hinton Avenue, 759 Belmont Avenue


Refer to: Rachel's Haven project below.

Note: Once accepted by the governing body, proffers become part of the zoning regulations applicable to the land and they run with the land until it is rezoned (there are exceptions). The Albemarle County Land Use Law Handbook Kamptner/July 2019

Legal description

City of Charlottesville, Lots 1-7 Bk 12 Belmont Subdivision

Adjacent properties

Ownership History

  • Charles Bankhead (before 1820)
  • John Winn (1820)
  • Slaughter W. Fincklin (1847)
  • Belmont Land Co. and Charlottesville Land Co.


The oldest church in the neighborhood, Hinton Avenue United Methodist Church occupies part of the once 539 acre farm Belle-Mont owned by John Winn until his death in 1837. The first church building at this site was constructed in 1909, then was renovated in 1948 and 1958 to its present configuration and appearance executed in the Gothic Revival style. Stylistic elements on the brick church include buttresses, large expanses of tracery windows, pointed arched openings, gable-roofed end parapet walls, and the arched loggia across the front of the church.[1]

Current usage

According to the Hinton Avenue United MC website, the property is currently being used by the church to: offer free clothes and fellowship through their "Clothes Closet", meals for the hungry in the "Family Kitchen", worship and learning opportunities on Sundays and during the week; the building is home to a satellite campus of The International School of Charlottesville, a French and Spanish language immersion preschool, Boy Scout Troop 37, and several AA, NA, and Al Anon chapters.[2]

Rachel's Haven project

May 14, 2019 Planning Commission Meeting Notice (imaged dated 5/14/2019)
Rachel's Haven

750 Hinton Avenue
Location Hinton Avenue
Use Type Apartments (supportive housing, including 30% for people with developmental disabilities)
Lot Size 0.7580
Residential units 15 units
Architect Andrew S. Thomas, Architect
Owner Hinton Avenue United Methodist Church
Approval Process Rezoning to NCC
Approval Conditions 4 units affordable at 80% AMI (indefinitely)
Date Approved 2019
Application # ZM19-00001

In early 2019, Hinton Avenue United Methodist Church submitted a rezoning petition for the Planning Commission's regular docket for Tuesday, May 14, 2019. The rezoning petition proposed a change in zoning from the existing R-1S (low-density residential, small lot) to NCC (Neighborhood Commercial Corridor Mixed Use) subject to proffered development conditions. The stated purpose of the rezoning was to allow construction of a multifamily building containing up to 15 units (for a total density of 19.7 DUA). Within the current R-1S zoning district, multifamily dwellings are not permitted. The application was deferred until the June 2019 Planning Commission meeting.[3]

Planning Commission voted 6-0 to recommend approval on June 11, 2019.[4][5] City Council approval passed the rezoning unanimously on its August 5, 2019 consent agenda.[6][7][8]

On September 6, 2019 a group of residents of Belmont, North Downtown, and Locust Grove filed a lawsuit seeking to overturn the rezoning.[9] Signatories included Kimber Hawkey, president of the Belmont-Carlton Neighborhood Association; Bill Emory, former planning commissioner; Tomas Rahal, former owner of Mas; Ivana Kadija, school health activist; and Brian Wimer, Belmont filmmaker.

Proffered development conditions

  • In addition to the requirements of other applicable City ordinances: ZM19-0000:[10]
  1. No more than 15 dwelling units shall be permitted on the Subject Property.
  2. A minimum of four (4) residential units within the multifamily dwelling on the Subject Property shall be restricted to residents with income at eighty percent (80%) or less of area median income ("AMI") as defined by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development for the Charlottesville, Virginia Metropolitan Area.
  3. For the safety of residents within the multifamily dwelling, access to all interior common areas serving residential units shall be controlled through the use of entry locks.
  4. All non-residential uses (other than educational facilities (non-residential) and day care facilities) which are not accessory to a house of worship or to residential uses located on the Subject Property, shall be prohibited on the Subject Property.
  5. Permanent vehicular ingress and egress to the Subject Property shall be restricted to Rialto Street, provided that this restriction on vehicular access shall not take effect until such time as a building permit is issued for construction of any multifamily building. The City may require any site plan for any multifamily building proposed on the Subject Property to adhere to the vehicular ingress and egress limitation under this condition.
  6. The maximum height of buildings and structures shall be thirty-eight (38) feet.
  7. Setbacks shall be provided along primary street frontage as follows: six (6) feet minimum required; ten (10) feet, maximum.


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