750 Hinton Avenue

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2013-750 HINTON AVENUE.jpg
Hinton Avenue Methodist Church

750 Hinton Avenue
Type R-1S (low-density residential, small lot)
Lot Size 0.7580
Non-Residential State Code: Exempt Religious

Located in the Belmont neighborhood, the approx. 0.76 acre parcel at 750 Hinton Avenue has been owned by the Hinton Avenue United Methodist Church since 1909.


Approx. 0.76 acres

Currently zoned

R-1S (low-density residential, small lot)

Current usage

The property is currently being used by the church to offer free clothes and fellowship through their "Clothes Closet", meals for the hungry in the "Family Kitchen", worship and learning opportunities on Sundays and during the week; the building is home to a satellite campus of The International School of Charlottesville, a French and Spanish language immersion preschool, Boy Scout Troop 37, and several AA, NA, and Al Anon chapters.[1]


  • Rev. Robert D. Lewis, Pastor

Proposed re-zoning

In early 2019, Hinton Avenue United Methodist Church submitted a rezoning petition for the Planning Commission's regular docket for Tuesday, May 14, 2019. The rezoning petition proposed a change in zoning from the existing R-1S (low-density residential, small lot) to NCC (Neighborhood Commercial Corridor Mixed Use) subject to proffered development conditions. The stated purpose of the rezoning was to allow construction of a multifamily building containing up to 15 units (for a total density of 19.7 DUA). Within the current R-1S zoning district, multifamily dwellings are not permitted. The application was deferred until the June 2019 Planning Commission meeting.[2]


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