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Local 2025 elections

The General Elections will be held on November 4, 2025; Primary Elections on June 17, 2025. The filing deadline for these elections is to be determined.

Election Calendar

(Please note that while this may be the latest information taken from the Virginia Department of Elections [1] and the City of Charlottesville website, the dates and details are subject to change and it is the responsibility of the candidate seeking election and voter to verify the accuracy of the information.)

2025 June 17, 2025 November 4, 2025 City Council (2 seats); City Constitutional Offices (except Clerk of Court): Sheriff, Treasurer, Commissioner of the Revenue and Commonwealth's Attorney; City School Board (3 seats); Virginia House of Delegates, 57th District; Attorney General of Virginia; Lieutenant Governor; Governor

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City of Charlottesville

The city of Charlottesville, Virginia, will hold general elections for two city council seats, three positions on the school board, commonwealth's attorney, sheriff, commissioner of revenue, and treasurer.

City Council

Two seats held by Incumbent Juandiego Wade (D) and Incumbent Brian Pinkston (D) are up for this election. Charlottesville is one of only four cities in Virginia that will hold city council elections this year.[2] Democrats have controlled the city council for the past 155 years - except for a single two-year term following the 1968 election when Republicans held a 3 to 2 majority. Rob Schilling was the last Republican to sit on this body after winning in the 2002 election. Michael Farruggio and Party Chair Charles “Buddy” Weber are the last Republicans to run for this office, they both lost in the 2013 election.

Democratic primary election

Republican primary election

School Board

Incumbents by seat are Lisa Larson-Torres (D), Dom Morse (D), and Emily Dooley (D).

Commonwealth's Attorney

Joseph D. "Joe" Platania (D) won a second term as the city’s top prosecutor in the 2021 election, having first been elected to the position in the 2017 election.


James Edward Brown, III (D) won the 2021 election against no opponents.

Commissioner of Revenue

Todd D. Divers (D) won the 2021 election against no opponents. The Commissioner of Revenue (COR) is an elected chief tax assessing officer of the local government of Charlottesville, Virginia.


Jason Vandever (D) won the 2021 election against no opponents; he was elected as treasurer in a special election on April 2, 2013.


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