2015 election

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The general election for 2015 will be held on November 3.


City Council

The Charlottesville City Council seats held by Kathleen Galvin, Satyendra Huja, and Dede Smith will be up for election. Galvin and Smith have both filed paper work announcing their campaigns but have yet to make a formal announcement. [1]

Wes Bellamy, Lena Seville and Mike Signer are all challenged who have all filed paperwork to explore a campaign. Signer announced his candidacy on February 11, 2015 at the Downtown Transit Center. [2]

Anson Parker is also considering a run on a fully crowdsourced platform.


Audio of Signer's campaign announcement:

<play audio>http://s3.amazonaws.com/cville/cm%2Fmutlimedia%2F20150211-signer-announcement.MP3 </play audio>

Audio of Bellamy's campaign announcement:

<play audio>http://s3.amazonaws.com/cville/cm%2Fmutlimedia%2F20150215-Bellamy-Announcement.mp3 </play audio>

School Board

The Charlottesville School Board seats held by Colette Blount, Amy Laufer, Jennifer McKeever, and Willa Neale will also be up for election. None have announced their plans as of January, 5 2015.

Albemarle County

Board of Supervisors

In Albemarle County, the Rivanna, Scottsville and White Hall magisterial seats will be up for re-election. There will be an open seat in the Rivanna District as Ken Boyd will not seek a fourth term. [3]

Jane Dittmar will be seeking a full four-year term in the Scottsville District, and Ann Mallek will be up for a third term in the White Hall district. Mallek announced on February 24, 2015. [4]

Lawrence Gaughan has filed for the Democratic nomination in the Rivanna District.

School Board

The Albemarle County School Board seats held by Ned Gallaway, Barbara Massie Mouly, Steve Koleszar, and Jason Buyaki will also be up for election. Koleszar has stated he will seek a sixth term, but the others have yet to announce their plans.

Other races

Chip Harding announced on January 10, 2015 that he will run for reelection as sheriff. The venue was the Albemarle Republican Committee breakfast. [5]


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