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This article is a date listing important events for the year 1939.


  • January 2 – The City of Charlottesville annexed parts of Albemarle County including Towles Addition, McIntire Park, Carlton Addition, Meadowbrook Hills, Belmont (Big Hill), Park Street Extended, Ivy Terrace, and Fry's Spring sanitary district. Despite a Virginia statute requiring annexed territory to be a compact body, the University of Virginia and properties owned by Homer Richey and William Chamberlain were exempted. The annexation meant that 2,200 people formerly living in the county became city residents and the McIntire School lost around 200 pupils[1].
  • April 6Beta (the first unofficial canine mascot of the UVA football team) is hit by an automobile on Rugby Road and subsequently had to be put down.
  • Summer – The Anatomical Theatre at the University of Virginia is demolished and the remaining area filled and leveled. It was razed to improve views of the new Alderman Library. It is the only Jefferson-designed building at the university to have been torn down.[2]




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