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← 1929 Janus.jpg This article is a date about important or significant events that happened (or will happen) in the year 1930 1931 →

This article is a date listing important events for the year 1930.


  • September 1 – Several important offices were to be filled by appointment when the council met this night. Those included: mayor, vice-mayor, city manager, city attorney, city auditor, clear of the council, chairman of the council’s finance committee, a representative on the bard of the district home, and the police force.

Important offices filled by appointment at the organizational meeting included: Jury Y. Brown, mayor; Fred L. Watson, vice-mayor; City auditor and clear of the council; John S. Graves, city attorney; E. A. Joachim, chairman of the finance committee and representative on the district home board; Maurnce F. Greaver, chief of police.



Postcard of Monticello, c. 1930