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This article is a date listing important events for the year 1918.


  • April 22 – The State-sponsored tuberculosis sanatorium, Piedmont Sanatorium, opened in Burkeville (southeast of Farmville) for Negro consumptives.[1]. Founded by the State Board of Health and the Negro Organization Society as a rest home for African-Americans. Before its establishment, the only treatment facilities for African-Americans were the Central State Hospital for Mental Diseases and the State Penitentiary.

International Events

September 26 – The U.S. Army launched one of the largest offensives in American Military history, the Meuse-Argonne Campaign of the First World War. More than one point two million soldiers of the American Expeditionary Forces engaged in this critical battle that lasted until Armstice Day. Over twenty six thousand Americans lost their lives, and nearly one hundred thousand were wounded. Of the Americans who fell during the campaign fourteen thousand two hundred forty six were laid to rest at the Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery in eastern France.[2]


  • September 13 – Tuberculosis: “Clyde Bessie Handsbury, the 22-year-old daughter of Joseph Handsbury…One week ago another daughter of the household, Sadie Edna, aged 16, died of the same cause, tuberculosis. The funeral will be held from the First Baptist Church (colored)...” Web. 2 DIE IN ONE WEEK FROM TUBERCULOSIS, Daily Progress, Sept 13, 1918, retrieved June 1, 2019.