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This article is a date listing important events for the year 1902.


  • July 10 – Virginia’s new constitution became law, disenfranchising thousands of poor whites and nearly eliminating the state’s African American electorate. It replaced Virginia’s 1869 Reconstruction-era constitution, which had a universal male suffrage clause. The Constitution of 1902 disenfranchised about 90 percent of the black men who still voted at the beginning of the twentieth century and nearly half of the white men. The number of eligible African American voters fell from about 147,000 in 1901 to about 10,000 by 1905.


"The Board of Registrars for the fourth ward of the city was comprised of Messrs. Thomas S. Jones, chairman, Roy K. Flannagan and Water Dinwiddie. The board registered during its sitting the following qualified voters:..colored: J. Allen, Robt. Bullock, A.T. Buckner, G.W. Brown, Henry Blue, J.W.Burns, Charles Burley, R.T. Brown, J.L. Coles, Wm. E. Catlett, Wm. Dickerson, Robert Flood, Charles Fuller, C.D. Goodloe, Charles Goodloe, P.S. Hooker, Elder Harris, Albert Hooker, Hudson Jenkins, Robert Kelser, G.W. Lawson, W.O. Lewis, J.E. Moon, J.P. Michie, Thos. Preston, R.C. Quarles, Warner Rives, Albert Southall, B.E. Tonsler, Lee Watson, Allen Watson and P.Y. Wyatt."[1]
  • November 4 – the first election after Virginia's Constitution of 1902 became law. A list of qualified, registered African American voters from Charlottesville’s fourth ward, was reported in the October 29 issue of the Daily Progress.[2]



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