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1003 West Main Street is a contributing structure in the West Main Street Architectural Design Control District. It is currently occupied by the University of Virginia but was formerly home to supermarkets, a furniture store, and a bakery.

In 2009, the Planning Commission approved a special use permit filed by architect William Atwood for a 45-unit, six-story building called the Sycamore, modifying one issued in 2008 for 16 "luxury-style" units, with 2 affordable at 60% area median income.[1] The Sycamore was never constructed.

In 2016, UVa purchased the property for $2.99 million.

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The current one-story cinderblock and stucco building was constructed in 1948 to be a Stop & Shop grocery store owned by the Gleason family.

Previous occupants

  • Stop & Shop grocery store
  • P & J's Market
  • Under the Roof furniture store


Coordinates:Erioll world.svg.png 38°01′59″N 78°29′43″W / 38.033113°N 78.495340°W / 38.033113; -78.495340


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