1000 Monticello Road

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1000 Monticello Road
2021 - 1000 Monticello Road.JPG
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1000 Monticello Road
Location Monticello Road & Bainbridge Street
Use Type Vacant parking lot next to an existing apartment building
Lot Size 0.8100
Residential units Existing Apartment Bldg: (as of 2020) 20+; Proposed:
Non-Residential Neighborhood Commercial Corridor (NCC)
Developer Contact Justin Shimp
Architect Shimp Engineering
Owner Piedmont Realty Holdings III, LLC, (landowner)
Approval Process Special-use permit

1000 Monticello Road is complex of two apartment buildings built in the 1970's, and a vacant parking lot.

Special Use Permit (SUP) application (2020/2021)

The application sought approval of additional residential density than is allowed by right within the Neighborhood Commercial Corridor (NCC) zoning district. Development proposed by the applicant was a new multi-family residential building with up to 11 residential dwelling units, which would raise the total number of units on the property to 34 units (up to 42 DUA).


  • December 8, 2020: City Planning Commission - original application (tabled). Offered nine units in the complex would be affordable for people making up to 80% of the area median income. The applicant had proposed that as a condition of approval, 9 of the 11 new units will meet the definition of an affordable dwelling unit per the guidelines of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).[1]
  • January 9, 2021: City Planning Commission - revised application (approved). Submission proposed five units in the complex to be designated for people making up to 65% of the area median income. Commission recommended approval of a special-use permit allowing the addition of 11-units to the existing apartment complex on a narrow vote.
  • February 1, 2020: City Council - (denied). After council spent about 45 minutes discussing and questioning the applicant, Councilor Michael Payne moved to deny the permit, citing community feedback and the potential for displacement the project could cause. Charlottesville City Council (2020-2021) voted to deny a special-use permit for the small apartment complex (Ayes: Magill, Payne, Walker; Noes: Snook, Hill).

Existing conditions

The property is also known as Belmont Heights, and is currently a 23 unit multi-family residential development; zoned Neighborhood Commercial Corridor (NCC).

(2) apartment buildings: Belmont Heights; unit type: (1 bedroom / 1 bathroom)


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