Zinc Bistro

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Zinc Bistro
Type Restaurant
Founded March 2007
Headquarters Charlottesville
Website http://www.comptoirzinc.com/

Zinc was a bistro located at 420 West Main Street in Charlottesville. Zinc opened in March of 2007 in a renovated garage space formerly occupied by the restaurants Station and then White Orchid. Its menu was modeled after a British gastropub with a French twist.[1] It is owned by Vu Nguyen,[2] who founded the restaurant with business partner Thomas Leroy. Nguyen bought out Leroy in mid-2010.[3]

The restaurant closed in 2013. [4]


Coordinates:Erioll world.svg.png 38°01′50″N 78°29′14″W / 38.030626°N 78.487311°W / 38.030626; -78.487311


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