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Colonel William Rhinehart Washington (born January 16, 1918,[1] died March 1987[2]) was a resident of Crozet and U.S. Army officer. He graduated from Virginia Polytechnic Institute (now Virginia Tech) before volunteering for the Army on July 1, 1940, serving in the 16th Infantry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division during World War II until May 15, 1945. Washington participated in campaigns in Algeria, French Morocco, Tunisia, Sicily, Normandy, Northern France, Rhineland & Ardennes,. During that time he earned nine individual decorations, including Purple Hearts on April 23, 1943 in Tunisia and on June 6 & 9, 1944 during the invasion of Normandy.[1] In 1958, he was the leader of the U.N. joint observer team for the Korean demilitarized zone when a lone North Korean soldier attacked a U.N. military police shelter.[3]

In 1983, Washington led a seven-member citizen committee protesting the decision by the Albemarle County School Board to close Greenwood School.[4]

Washington married Margaret Persis McCue (b. March 29, 1921[5]), daughter of C. Purcell McCue, on December 29, 1941.[1] The two were stationed in Fort Monroe, VA in February 1947. Margaret died on December 5, 2015.[5] The couple is interred at Emmanuel Episcopal Church.[1][5]

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