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William D. Fitch (Noveber, 21, 1781 – September 19, 1848, aged 66), operated a tavern in Milton, Virginia.

In 1829 he was proprietor of the Eagle Tavern in the town of Charlottesville. Fitch hosted “a large and respectable company of ladies and gentlemen” who ate barbecue and drank “a number of patriotic toasts” at his establishment on the Fourth of July 1823. “The day was spent in hilarity and good humour” (Source: Woods, Albemarle County in Virginia, 195; Richmond Enquirer, 18 July 1823; K. Edward Lay, The Architecture of Jefferson Country: Charlottesville and Albemarle County, Virginia [Charlottesville, Va., 2000], 87).[1]

He wife, Mary N. (Bernard) Fitch (d. 1868, aged 82), was grand-aunt of Pauline S. Patton (d. 1915, aged 79). Miss Patton wrote her will in 1882, leaving her property, near the University of Virginia, to her nephew John S. Patton, who was later the Librarian at the University.

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