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West Main
Type Restaurant
Key people Anderson McClure, Pat McClure

West Main Restaurant is the former name of an eatery located at 333 West Main Street in Charlottesville. It is part of the Virginian family of restaurants.[citation needed]

This iteration closed in 2015 to become Tavern & Grocery. [1]


West Main is located in the Inge building, which was constructed in 1820. In 1890, the building was purchased by George P. Inge, an African-American businessman who used it for a grocery store and his own residence for many years.

[2] The family lost possession of the house in the early 20th century and it became a restaurant at the time. A fire in the 1980's damaged much of the building, but it was restored. However, a portion of the first floor was not restored, allowing for people to glimpse the basement bar from the front entryway. [3]

Prior to being West Main, it was a restaurant called Awful Arthurs. Owners Anderson McClure and Pat McClure changed the name to West Main when they purchased the restaurant in 2004.[4]


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