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Water Street is a short road in downtown Charlottesville, forming the southern border of the Downtown Mall. It also under development in the early 21st century with several proposed construction projects underway.

In the west, the road begins at the intersection of West Main Street, Ridge Street, Ridge-McIntire Road, and South Street. It travels west and ends at the southern terminus of 10th Street NE.


A March 1948 traffic study recommended the road be converted to one-way traffic heading east bound. [1] [2] [3]


The zoning for Water Street allows for tall buildings and many developers have taken advantage of this.

West 2nd

Developer Keith Woodard is developing a nine-story L-shaped building on the site of the former City Market lot. [citation needed]

550 East Water Street

In 2016, developer Andrew Baldwin successfully won a certicate of appropriateness for construction of a six-story building on a vacant lot at 550 East Water Street. [4]



The Holsinger Building is located on Water Street and was constructed on a former parking lot. [citation needed]


An extension of approximately a third of a mile opened in early 2016. [citation needed] The road was paid for by a partnership that developed the City Walk apartment complex. The City of Charlottesville contributed $365,000 to pay for street trees, bike lanes, and sidewalks. [5] However the road has been closed to two-way traffic due to construction of the three-story homes on Water Street. [citation needed]

Non-motorized use

In the spring of 2011, the street received shared lane markings, or "sharrows" indicating bicycles are are using a shared lane with motor vehicles. The marking is being done in lieu of adding bike lanes, which would require on-street parking to be removed on at least one side of the street. [6]

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