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WCHV is a news-talk radio station operated by Monticello Media broadcasting on 1260 AM and 94.1 FM.

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WCHV began broadcasting on October 24, 1929 as WEHC at the campus of Emory & Henry College. This was the second A.M. radio station licensed in Virginia. The station was founded by W. Bryon Brown and Walter Grey. The College sold the station in 1932 and it stopped broadcasting on December 2, 1932. The Federal Communications Commission approved the transfer on November 3, 1932. [2] [3] The new station broadcast on 1350AM and went on the air in September 1933.

The station changed its call letters to WCHV in 1935. [4]

Charles Barham was the owner of the station in 1948. In March of that year, he protested against a $250 city tax on radio stations passed by City Council. [5]

Network affiliations

Virginia Broadcasting System

In 1936, WCHV entered into a network called the Virginia Broadcasting System with WBTM in Danville, WLVA in Lynchburg, WGH in Newport News, and WPHR/WRNL in Richmond. An advertisement in a February 1936 industry periodical stated that "collectively the Virginia Broadcasting System is the most comprehensive and effective sales medium purchasable in a market of proved steady income, assured wealth, and spendability." [6] The initiative only lasted as a regular service three months due to the large expense of connecting the signals via telephone circuitry. It stayed in existence for special events. [7]


A blurb from the January 1938 Broadcasting magazine heralding the arrangement with Mutual

WCHV became a partial affiliate of the Mutual Broadcasting System in 1938. The station constructed an antenna on a mountain to capture the signal of WOR from Newark and and got permission to rebroadcast it. [8]

NBC Blue to ABC

WCHV was one of six stations that joined the NBC-Blue Network in the fall of 1941. [9]


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