Virginia's 25th House of Delegates District

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Virginia's 25th House of Delegates District elects one of 100 seats in the Virginia House of Delegates, the lower house of the state's bicameral legislature. District 25 represents part of Albemarle, Augusta and Rockingham counties.

The seat is currently held by Republican R. Steven "Steve" Landes.[1]

2018 Session, Steve Landes (HD25)
2018 Virginia House of Delegates Seating Chart

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District Description

File:HB 5005 House District 25.png
Virginia's 25th State House District, as of the 2010 census)

The twenty-fifth state house district: Part of Albemarle County comprised of the Belfield (204), Brownsville (604), Crozet (601), Ivy (301), Jack Jouett (201), and Yellow Mountain (605) Precincts and part of the East Ivy (304) Precinct; part of Augusta County comprised of the Crimora (201), Dooms (801), Fort Defiance (301), New Hope (202), Verona (103), Weyers Cave (203), and Wilson (803) Precincts and part of the Fishersville (802) Precinct; and part of Rockingham County comprised of the Bridgewater (401), Grottoes (304), Massanetta Springs (305), Montezuma (402), Mt. Crawford (403), North River (303), Ottobine (207), and Port Republic (302) Precincts.[2]

As of the 2010 census (HB 5005 Passed 4/28/11), a total population of 79,678 (target 80,100) resided within Virginia's 25th state house district.[3]

2019 election

Delegate Landes announced in early March that he would not seek a 13th term representing the 25th District. [4]

Soon after, three candidates came forward to contest the Republican nomination. They are businessman Chris Runion, Augusta County Supervisor and JMU professor Marshall Pattie and Albemarle County farmer Richard Fox. [5]

Runion won the April 27 primary with 1,299 votes. [6]

Two Democrats are sought the nomination to run in the general election. They are Jennifer Kitchen of Augusta County and Lauren Thompson of Albemarle County. [5] Kitchen became the nominee. [citation needed]