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Vinegar Hill Theater was an independent movie theater in downtown Charlottesville. It showed domestic and international films and participated in the Virginia Film Festival and the Virginia Film Society.[1] The theater closed following a final showing on August 4, 2013.[2]

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The theater was opened in 1976 by Chief Gordon and Ann Porotti[3] as a classic movie venue[1] in a former garage and motorcycle showroom.[2] Porotti sold the theater in 2008 to Adam Greenbaum of Visualite Cinemas in Staunton.[4][1] In February 2013, the theater installed new digital projectors costing $60,000. But it was unable to compete with the Regal Cinema multiplex that opened in Stonefield in fall 2012.[2] The last film shown was Much Ado About Nothing on August 4, 2013.


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