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Joel Schechtman, manager, at the Vinegar Hill Cafe

Vinegar Hill Cafe is a cafe that opened in the newly renovated Jefferson School City Center on January 7, 2013.


Celebrating Food & Community at JSCC

Vinegar Hill Cafe is owned and operated by JABA. According to the website, the cafe is described as "an extension of JABA's culinary service which prepares meals for JABA's community centers, is designed to be a bright, inviting and reasonable priced venue for the community to gather. JABA will continue its pledge to serve meals that incorporate locally sourced foods. The cafe will also serve as a launching point for young and local artists and musicians."[1]

Blue Diamond

In the evening, the proposed cafe will host performances by musicians and local artists under the named The Blue Diamond.[2]


Vinegar Hill Cafe Menu - January 2013

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