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VMDO Architects is an architectural firm specializing in educational buildings who has been hired to produce work for the University of Virginia and the local school boards.

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At UVA, VMDO designs include:

Albemarle County

Projects include:

  • Broadus Wood Elementary School Renovation & Addition
  • Brownsville Elementary School
  • Burley Middle School Renovation
  • Crozet Elementary School and Addition
  • Greer Elementary School Reroofing
  • Henley Middle School Roof Replacement
  • Hollymead Elementary School Renovations
  • Jack Jouett Middle School Roof Replacement
  • Red Hill Elementary School
  • Scottsville Elementary School
  • Stone Robinson Middle School Study
  • Urban Area Elementary School Site Study
  • Vehicular Maintenance Facility
  • Walton Middle School Roof Replacement
  • Western Albemarle High School Addition and Renovation

City of Charlottesville

Projects include:

  • Buford Middle School Renovation
  • Clark Elementary School Renovation
  • Greenbrier Elementary School Renovation
  • Venable Elementary School Renovation
  • Walker Upper Elementary School Renovation

In 2021, VMDO was awarded a $1.47 million contract for design services for the reconfiguration and renovation of Buford Middle School and Walker Upper Elementary School. [1]


Bluestone Elementary School (Harrisonburg, VA) [2]


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