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I’m an occasional – or infrequent – writer. I haven’t been here long, but I sense that Cvillepedia provides a space to be a bit more granular and focused, as compared to Wikipedia. It would probably be frowned upon to write a Wikipedia article titled “Dog Parades” that only covers dog parades in Charlottesville. But perhaps such an article could exist in Cvillepedia! (Of course, it might raise some thought-provoking questions for the reader: Are the dogs willful participants? What is the environmental impact? Are such events raising money for a good cause? Are they just a fun a place to “see and be seen”? Perhaps as “man’s best friend,” dogs really do deserve such least, if they are well-behaved. But I digress…)

I’m interested to see how Cvillepedia evolves, moving forward. Given the gradual declines in subscribership to print media, and fragmentation of the journalistic landscape brought about by new broadcast mediums (internet, satellite radio, etc), I imagine that it's harder for local news-reporting organizations to do some of the more detailed or time-consuming projects that might have been feasible in an earlier era. So, perhaps a local wiki like Cvillepedia can serve as a place for contributors to help organize some of the historical context on various topics.