US 250/Peter Jefferson Parkway Intersection Improvements, Park and Ride, and Access Management

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Project Overview
Location Albemarle County
Sponsor Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission

Status Update

US 250/Peter Jefferson Parkway Intersection Improvements, Park and Ride, and Access Management is a candidate project in the fifth round of the Smart Scale funding process administered by the Virginia Department of Transportation. [1]

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The project is recommended for funding with a final decision slated for June by the Commonwealth Transportation Board. [2]

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Project description

"The project would have four main elements:

  1. Add a right-turn only for eastbound traffic on 250 (turning right onto Peter Jefferson Parkway) to reduce rear-end crashes at this intersection; the existing shared right-turn/thru-lane should be converted to thru-only
  2. Implement a “Thru-cut” at the 250/Peter Jefferson Parkway intersection such that thru-movements on the minor approaches are eliminated to maximize signal efficiencies and reduce delay
  3. Construct a new park and ride lot on the northwest corner of the 250/Peter Jefferson Parkway intersection
  4. Complete the median between Pantops Mountain Road and Peter Jefferson Parkway – this access management treatment is intended to improve safety and reduce delay. This application may include at-grade pedestrian crossings of 250 at Pantops Mountain Road and/or Peter Jefferson Parkway." [1]


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