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The Town Hall meeting public forum was added by the City Council to their "Council Meeting Rules and Procedures" as passed by the Council on February 5, 2018. The "Town Hall meetings" was intended to 'be regularly scheduled meetings, such as the "Our Town" meeting series, or may be scheduled as a special meeting by Council on a particular topic. A town hall meeting is a type of meeting at which Councilors answers questions from the public.'[1]


To date, no "Town Hall meeting" has been held.


At the conclusion of their annual retreat, held in February 2018, the City Council revised the Rules and Procedures for conducting council meetings in an effort "to help City Council conduct its affairs in a timely and efficient manner, while encouraging a robust and meaningful dialogue with members of the community." To address the Councilor's desire to clarify "town hall" and "work session" as different types of regular or special meetings, a newer version of the older " Town Hall" was designed and defined as a "Town Hall meeting" and listed under item Item 3:

Town Hall meetings – Town Hall meetings are generally conducted in an open format. Council may conduct a Town Hall meeting in a manner that is free-form (no limit on the time for making a comment or stating a question, or for Councilors’ responses,) or Council may establish an agenda or list of topics that will apply for a particular Town Hall meeting, and times or guidelines for speakers’ questions and Councilors’ responses. Any parameters that will apply to a Town Hall will be established by the Mayor prior to the meeting or by vote of Council after calling the Town Hall meeting to order and prior to opening the floor. Prior to commencing the session, attendees shall be notified of any applicable time limits or speaker guidelines, either by posted signs, a written agenda or verbal announcement by Council at the beginning of the meeting.[2]

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