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The Thomas Jefferson Community Land Trust (TJCLT) is a Community Land Trust that seeks to bring down the cost of housing in Charlottesville and Albemarle County by purchasing land and leasing it to homeowners who purchase only the structure.[1]

The trust was formed in 2008 but was not able to start work due to the recession. [2]

The entity is now operated by the Piedmont Housing Alliance and is named the Piedmont Community Land Trust.

History and Purpose

The Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission adopted a resolution in May of 2008 supporting the formation of the Thomas Jefferson Community Land Trust.

The TJCLT was formed as a non-profit 501(c)(3) community land trust with the purpose of "stewarding and controlling the use of land on behalf of local communities and protecting the affordability of housing and other buildings located on this land."[3]

The maximum household income that qualifies for housing on CLT-owned land is 120% of the AMI, with a goal of 75% of the homes on CLT owned land to go to households with incomes below 80% of AMI.

Funding sources include the Charlottesville Housing Fund. [1]

As of February 2017, the land trust owned eight lots and six of them were occupied. [4]

Nassau Street project

In April 2017, the organization requested $240,000 from the Charlottesville Affordable Housing Fund to purchase four lots on Nassau Street that are to be developed by Habitat for Humanity. [5]

The homes were under construction in the summer of 2019. [6]

Board and staff


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