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Thomas Dowell was a candidate for Charlottesville City Council in 1976 who ran a law-and-order-focused candidacy.

Dowell blamed a lack of order on "the college educated professionals who take a soft stand on crime and blame anti-social acts on social conditions and environmental factors, etc," citing the Downtown Mall as a waste of money compared to public safety spending[1].

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Candidates Votes %
Laurence Brunton (R) 4,185
Edwin E. Gatewood, Jr (R) 3,519
Nancy K. O'Brien (D) 2,895
Towle (R) 2,849
Kneedler (D) 2,773
Lushbaugh (I) 2,438
Stroh (D) 2,088
White, (I) 1,171
Tomlin (I) 606
Source: City of Charlottesville [2]
Each voter could vote for up to three candidates in the 1962 election.


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