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The Randolph is a 5-story mixed-use condominium complex at 1001 E. Market/210 10th St. NE containing 35 residential units and eight commercial condominiums across two buildings.[1] It was constructed by-right in 2007 by Martin Horn Construction.[2][3] The complex is owned by 10th and Market Street, LLC and designed by architect Jim Grigg of Daggett & Grigg Architects.

Residents of The Randolph include former city councilor George Gilliam. Residents have been outspoken in opposing developments on nearby properties, including at 1011 East Jefferson[1][2] and 925 East Market Street.[4]


Phase I - 5 commercial units (1001 E. Market)

Phase II - 11 residential units (1001 E. Market)

Phase III - 24 residential, 3 commercial units (The Randolph)


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