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The Daily Progress (often referred to as "the Progress") is the area's only daily newspaper. It is owned as a unit of Berkshire Hathaway. In October 2019, reporters and production workers voted 12-1 to unionized under the Blue Ridge Guild. [1]


1916 product advertisement by Goss Printing Press Company

The first issue of the newspaper was published on September 14, 1892 by James Hubert Lindsay & Frank Lindsay. The brothers printed 200 copies on a used Campbell flatbed press at 112 Fourth Street, NE. James Lindsay was the newspaper's founder and publisher.[2] At the end of 1895, Lindsay announced in an editorial that subscriptions were to be paid in advance rather "than the old plan of waiting until the amounts due on subscription are large and burdensome." [3]

The paper had a radio station with the call sign WKBG that broadcast its first program on May 29, 1927. [4]

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Around the 1930s, the Progress offered two newspapers, one catering toward white readers and the other aimed at blacks.[5] It is unclear when this practice ended.

In 1960, the management and department heads began visiting newspaper plants in order to plan for the paper's long-term future. [6]

In October 2, 1975, the paper helped break a strike by The Washington Post pressmen by printing 100,000 copies. [7]

Sale to Media General

In 1995, then owner Thomas A. Worrell Jr. sold the Progress as the flagship of a 29-paper chain to Media General for $230 million.[8]

Partnership with Charlottesville Tomorrow

In August 2009 the Daily Progress began publishing stories written by Charlottesville Tomorrow, contributed at no cost.[9]

Sale to Berkshire Hathaway

On May 17, 2012 Media General, Inc. announced signed agreements with Berkshire Hathaway, Inc., whereby a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, BH Media Group, will purchase newspapers owned by Media General, including the Progress.[10][11]


Albemarle County Reporters

  • Allison Wrabel (current)
  • Michael C. Bragg
  • Reynolds Hutchins
  • Aaron Richardson (June 2011[12]-March 2013)
  • Brandon Shulleeta (July 2008-May 2011)
  • Jeremy Borden (September 2006-June 2008)
  • Jessica Kitchin (2005-August 2006)[13]

City of Charlottesville Reporters


Former reporters

  • Liana Bayne, Public Safety Reporter (June 2013-present)
  • Samantha Koon (October 2011[16]-Present)
  • Aaron Richardson
  • Brian McNeil, Politics/Business Reporter
  • Julie Stavitski (Covered education around 2005)
  • Brian Root (Business reporter in 1998)
  • Kimberly O'Brien (city reporter active in 1998)
  • Beverley Allison (1968)
  • Mike Lantrip (1968)
  • Eleanor Berry (1968)
  • Chris Cramer, Sports Columnist (1968)
  • Ruth Lane, reporter in the 1960's [17]


Former managers


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