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November 19:

  • 1754George Rogers Clark was born in Albemarle County on the Stony Point Road. Clark had four sisters and five brothers (his youngest brother, William Clark, would go on to co-lead the Lewis and Clark expedition). George Rogers Clark fought on the northwest frontier during the Revolutionary War, achieving remarkable victories that helped America expand its borders.
  • 1990Frances Brand died in Charlottesville (aged 89). Known locally as “The Purple Lady,” Brand was a local artist whose most-celebrated work was a collection of portraits called "Firsts" - images of local people who were pioneers in a field or endeavor.
  • 2014 – Rolling Stone published the now retracted magazine article by Sabrina Erdely titled "A Rape on Campus" about an alleged gang rape of a University of Virginia student, Jackie. Jackie's account generated community protests and international media attention; UVA President Teresa Sullivan suspended all fraternities. Rolling Stone retracted the story in its entirety on April 5, 2015.