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January 1:

  • 1772Thomas Jefferson Jefferson marries Martha Wayles Skelton, a widow, aged twenty-three. The wedding, held at the Wayles estate, The Forest, was presided over by a pair of Anglican priests. Her dowry almost doubles his land and slaves. In addition to Monticello, Jefferson's holdings will include several plantations in Albemarle County and Poplar Forest estate in Bedford County.
  • 1895 – Percy Payne appointed keeper of the engine house and driver of the horses for the Charlottesville Hose, Hook and Ladder Company. Later that year the company responded to the Great Fire at University of Virginia in which the Rotunda and its adjoining structures burned.
  • 1900A. V. Conway, a well known businessman of the city, assumed the business management of The Daily Progress.
  • 1916 – The City of Charlottesville more than tripled its size with the annexation of just over 3.6 square miles of surrounding rural Albemarle territory.
  • 1971 – The Worrell Newspaper group took over the The Daily Progress, previously owned by the The Lindsay family for 78 years. T. Eugene Worrell, of Bristol, Virginia, owned about two dozen rural weekly newspapers and a few dailies, all with less circulation than the Daily Progress. The Progress immediately became the group's flagship paper, and Worrell moved his newspaper group headquarters to Charlottesville. Faced with major newspaper industry change, Worrell sold his newspaper properties to Richmond-based Media General as a part of a larger $230M deal in 1995.