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December 3:

  • 1900 – "A very distinguished honor has come to Virginia and the South, in the selection of Miss Maud Coleman Woods of this city, with Maxine Elliott, to typify North and South America on the official emblem of the Pan-American Exposition to be held in Buffalo in 1901. Miss Woods was chosen as the most perfect blonde and Maxine Elliott as the most perfect brunette of all the Americas."
-The Daily Progress, Dec. 3, 1900
  • 1912Southern Railway Wreck: A passenger train collided with a freight train in the lower end of the Southern Railway yards. There were no injuries, but three freight cars loaded with oranges were destroyed. According to the Daily Progress, “many (people) seemed to forget that the oranges belonged to the railway company and carried off a quantity of fruit.” The wreck was cleared by evening.