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The Tarleton Oak was a very old tree located on High Street in Charlottesville that was cut down. It was rumored to have been the camp location of a British Army unit led by General Banastre Tarleton.

It gave the name to Tarleton Oak Gas Station.

Site of George McIntire's home, father of Paul Goodloe McIntire. [citation needed]

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Campaign the save the tree

A reader of the Daily Progress called for a campaign to save tree in August 1939.

"To walk around the oak requires 11 steps of three feet each. From north to south in a straight line its branches cover, on the ground, a distance of about 84 feet. The beautiful tree had stood majestically strong for centuries and is perhaps the oldest living thing in Albemarle County."


A five-story, 86,107 sq.ft. office building is proposed for the site. The plan received approval from the Entrance Corridor Review Board and Board of Architectural Review in 2018.[1][2][3][4] Phase II of the development would add a 56-unit apartment complex. A 334-space parking structure would be shared between the buildings and 120 existing parking lot users, more than satisfying the requirement for 142 spaces (86 office, 56 residential).[1]



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