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Deleted sources

When Charlottesville Tomorrow updated their website in 2018 or 2019, they did not include the transfers of several files. These are two citations I deleted today and am putting here in the hopes these documents can be found.

<ref name="factsheet">{{cite web|title=The Shops at Stonefield: Project Highlights and Fact Sheet|url=|author=|work=|publisher=Edens & Avant|location=|publishdate=May 10, 2011|accessdate=May 10, 2011}}</ref> <ref name=press-release">{{cite web|title=Albemarle Place Goes to the Movies with Regal Cinemas & IMAX|url=|author=|work=press release|publisher=Edens & Avant|location=|publishdate=September 30, 2010|accessdate=September 30, 2010}}</ref>

This is another one that contains facts that I took out in brute force rather than be subtle.

Potential residential build-out

Stonefield can have a maximum of 650 dwelling units. None have yet been built nor are under construction. [1]

  1. Web. [ CPA 2013-00001 COMPREHENSIVE PLAN REVISION Part 2: Trends], Table 6: Residential Units Approved through Rezonings and Special Use Permits, County of Albemarle, September 28, 2011, retrieved October 11, 2011.