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re red links

re red links -- I've started removing the links for streets that will likely never have a standalone page, as the red color makes the text harder to read (and very hard to read for people with limited vision) -- I think we should remove all the links for most streets, and if someone adds a page about a specific street, they just need to know to add it this page. What do you think about that? User:Philvarner

When I found the brackets for all of the "A" streets removed (except for Avon Street which linked to an existing page), I assumed this was done without a reason and the "B"'s were next...sorry if I missed your summary notes explaining the reason behind the changes. I think the links for all street should remain, I personally would find the history of Altamont Circle or the planned developments along Arlington Blvd to be worthy of standalone pages. Thinking beyond just the List of street namesakes, I regard the red links throughtout Cvillepedia as a useful tool for cross-reference pages and a "call to action" encouraging contributors to be the first to create an new article! I personally enjoy Black swan events - on several occasions, when writing an article, I "discovered" a link to a page by simply adding brackets to a string of was the case when I adding the brackets to the street names. Why not make it easier than harder to create a page?
I am sorry, I was not aware that red text was harder to read for people with limited vision (I would be very interested in finding out more on this subject). The colors could be different if the color scheme of the wiki default is changed.Jmh6d (talk) 22:05, 15 October 2020 (EDT)
I'm not worried about it -- we can discuss more in the future. I'll stop unlinking them. User:Philvarner