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Challenging Poverty Coming to America with no knowledge of the American standard of right or wrong, most refugees arrive without the proper knowledge to gain a job with a sufficient income to provide for their entire family. Those at Hope Community Center work directly with the refugees to try to break through that barrier by teaching English as a Second Language, offering music lessons, and holding sports activities to bring everybody together to share experiences and knowledge.

Building Community Through our "Meet Your Neighbor" events, we're introducing everybody to the people that will matter greatly in their lives. Another way we are building community is through our Hope 4 Kids program. Getting the children in the 10th & Page neighborhood to interact with one another builds a bond that can last a lifetime.

Fighting Homelessness From Monday through Friday, Hope Community Center opens its doors to the homeless population. A shuttle service is provided from camp sites and the downtown library to the Hope Center for a computer lab, warm breakfast, and coffee. Social gatherings, experience sharing activities, and resume workshops are provided for the homeless, as well as a hot shower and a gymnasium for sports.

Contact Information

Executive Director: Joshua Bare [] 434-242-2273 (cell) Hope 4 Kids Director: Sharon Seeley 434-825-1404 (cell) President: Harold L. Bare Sr. Ph.D. 434-872-0200 (office)

Hope Office Number: 434-872-0200