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St. Anne's-Belfield SchoolSt. Anne's-Belfield School (also called St. Anne's or STAB) is a co-educational, private boarding and day school for pre-kindergarten through 12th grade.

The school has two campuses with one is located on 49 acres in Charlottesville. [1]

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The origins of the school date back to the founding of the Albemarle Female Institute in the 1850's at the intersection of 10th and Jefferson Streets.

By 1910, the school was failing and was purchased by a man named Henry Lee, who renamed it St-Anne's School. [2]

In 1939, St. Anne's was moved to a property on Ivy Road that had formerly been owned by journalist Elizabeth Wetmore.

The school began the 1956 academic year with 176 students enrolled, the highest to date. [3]

By 1975, the school merged with the neighboring Belfield School. [2] [4]

2010 Capital campaign

A capital campaign raised $44,000,407.21. [2]The money was to be used to build an endowment, build a new arts center as well as a renovation of the old Belfield campus. [2]


Autumn Graves will succeed David Lourie as head of school in July 2020. [5]


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