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Sperry Marine is a military contractor and subsidiary of Northrup Grumman that formerly headquartered[1] in Albemarle County with manufacturing space located on U.S. 29 that employs over 600 people.[2]

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In December 1976, Sheriff George Bailey asked the Albemarle Board of Supervisors for permission to post a deputy sheriff at the intersection with U.S. 29 in order to address congestion issues. [3]

Staffing reductions

In May 2011, Sperry Marine announced it would lay 60 people off.[4] The move is part of a larger Northrup Grumman effort to reduce its workforce by 500 people. After the terminations, it was estimated 725 people would still be employed at the plant. [4] In June 2010, 26 people were laid off. [4]

The layoffs continued in early December 2011 when the company announced it would close its Charlottesville-based North American headquarters, resulting in 37 additional job losses. [5] The last of the headquarters' employees were laid off and the business offices in Greenbrier Commons were closed in January 2012.[citation needed] The factory located on Route 29 remains open.[2]


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