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Southern Parkway Extension
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Project Overview

Provide an additional alternative for east-west transportation between 5th Street and Avon Street south of I-64.
Cost $6.2 million
Sponsor VDOT

Status Update

Removed from the Secondary Six-Year Plan.

Contact Joel DeNunzio, VDOT engineer, Charlottesville

Coordinates:Erioll world.svg.png 38°00′08″N 78°30′05″W / 38.00217°N 78.50146°W / 38.00217; -78.50146

The Southern Parkway is a road in Albemarle County's Neighborhood 4 connecting Avon Street Extended to Gristmill Drive. An extension continuing the road to Fifth Street Extended has been proposed.

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Proposed extension

The current[when?] estimated cost of the extension is $6,200,000, and the project is being overseen by the Virginia Department of Transportation. It remains on the MPO's Transportation Improvement Program as an illustrative transportation project. That means it is unlikely to be funded in the foreseeable future[1].

The stated purpose of the road is to provide an additional alternative for east-west transportation between 5th Street and Avon south of I-64.


The Southern Parkway was on Albemarle County’s Secondary Six-Year Improvement Program, eligible for VDOT revenue sharing. The project is not yet at the stage where a public hearing is scheduled. This road project is less of a priority now[when?] that the producers of the Fifth and Avon Center have agreed to build a road called the Bent Creek Parkway as part of the conditions of receiving a rezoning. As such, the Southern Parkway was moved to a list of "vision" projects in UNJAM 2035[2].

The project has since[when?] been removed from the County’s Secondary Six-Year Improvement Program. As of 2011, there is currently no activity on the project.[3]


Some people who live in the Mill Creek area are concerned the road should not be constructed because of the cost. [4]



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