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The South Lawn Project is the first extension of the University of Virginia's central grounds since the days of Thomas Jefferson[1]. A 100-foot-wide terrace built over top of Jefferson Park Avenue is expected to open on As of August 1, 2010.


a joint effort of the University of Virginia's Board of Visitors, the College Foundation and Arts & Sciences leaders to increase the number of classrooms, offices and community spaces for the College. When complete, the project will double the amount of space in New Cabell Hall, which it will replace with up-to-date facilities capable of serving more than 12,000 students a day.[2]


As of June 30, 2009, $60 million in cash and pledges had been raised toward the $61.2 million (NPV) in private support required for the project’s $105 million cost.[3] The first two buildings will be completed by the end of December 2009, with the entire project to be completed by the summer of 2010. Formal dedication ceremonies will be held in the fall[citation needed].


The South Lawn Project is designed by architect Moore Ruble Yudell and landscape architects Cheryl Barton and Walter Hood.

The 115,000 square foot complex of buildings will house the History, Politics, and Religious Studies departments.[4]


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