South Fork Rivanna Reservoir Stewardship Task Force

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The South Fork Rivanna Reservoir Stewardship Task Force met during 2008-2009.


Background provided in the Task Force's January 26, 2009 final report.[1]

"The South Fork Rivanna Stewardship Task Force was appointed to articulate the benefits the South Fork Rivanna Reservoir (the “Reservoir”) affords our community and to describe the measures that would need to be undertaken to maintain those benefits."
"To understand the approach of the task force, it is important to understand the context in which it was created. For years—if not decades—the community has wrestled with how best to increase the amount of drinking water it can store to see it through times of drought. In June 2006, the community chose to expand the existing Ragged Mountain Reservoir, rather than increase the capacity of the South Fork Rivanna Reservoir, which is losing water storage capacity due to sedimentation. Having made this decision, it raised the question about what would become of the South Fork Rivanna Reservoir. While it has ably served the community as its major water storage facility, that role will be served in the future by the expanded Ragged Mountain Reservoir, which does not fill with sediment. The task force was asked to describe the other benefits, beyond water storage, that the South Fork Rivanna Reservoir provides to this community. As a result of that charge to the task force, this report does not revisit the community’s 50-year water supply plan. In fact, the task force was specifically instructed not to do so, so we have not."

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