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Shadrack Battles enlisted in the Revolution in Louisa County on December 14, 1781, and was sized the following day: age 26, 5'10-1/2" high, yellow complexion, a planter.[1]

He registered in Albemarle County on 10 March 1810: a man of Colour, a black man, aged about fifty seven years, five feet 10-1/2 inches high.[1]

He was "a man of colour" who appeared in Albemarle County court and testified that he enlisted while resident in Amherst County in 1777 and served for three years.[1]

He lived in Free State, a community of free African-American people located near what is now the Belvedere neighborhood in Albemarle County. Many of the streets in the Belvedere neighborhood are named after the families of the residents of Free State, including Battles Alley.

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